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Rule of Law Unit

The Rule of Law Coordination and Resource Group is chaired by the  Deputy Secretary-General and is supported by its secretariat, the Rule of Law Unit in the Executive Office of the Secretary-General. The Rule of Law Unit also supports the Deputy Secretary-General in his role as Chair.

The Unit was established by the Secretary-General in 2006 in his report “Uniting our strengths: Enhancing United Nations support for the rule of law”. The General Assembly has expressed full support for the Rule of Law Unit and the Rule of Law Coordination and Resource Group (A/RES/63/128, A/RES/64/116, A/RES/65/32, A/RES/66/102).   

The Unit’s substantive support falls into three broad areas of activity: ensuring coordination and coherence among the many United Nations entities engaged in rule of law activities; developing system-wide strategies, policy direction and guidance for the Organization’s activities in promoting the rule of law; and enhancing partnerships between the United Nations and other rule of law actors (A/63/226, A/63/154, A/64/6, A/64/298, A/65/318, A/66/133).

The Unit supports the Rule of Law Coordination and Resource Group in its task of acting as a repository for the Organization’s rule of law materials and best practices, and in establishing and managing web resources. The Unit has developed and maintains the United Nations Rule of Law Website and Document Repository.